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Enhanced electrical, electromechanical and electronic control systems integrated into the conventional MEP structure of any building provides for a seamless connectivity between various functional blocks of the utilities and facilities enabling the operational integrity of a building. An intensively networked environment forms the core of any intelligent building system covering all aspects of internal and external living environments including lighting, water supply, air-conditioning, security, safety, entertainment, emergency response, power management and various other specific operational functions.

Intelligent buildings improve the working efficiency of all enabling systems by monitoring and refining their usage at functionally optimised levels thereby enhancing the safety, comfort and convenience of the people living in or using these buildings. In addition to the ability to automatically monitor and control several individual functions of the system, an intelligent building also provides a versatile mix of lifestyle management support functions including integrated communication systems, entertainment platforms and security management systems.

A fully functional smart building delivers various advantages by combining advancements in building technologies with intelligent electronic control systems for overall integration of facilities management, energy management and management of safety & security. The intelligent systems managing a smart building provide actionable information about all active modules operating within the environment of the building and its extended facilities in order to provide real time responses for automatic control of pre-programmed sequences.

MACROCOMM CONVERGENCE PTE LTD., provides a seamlessly integrated proprietary platform for intelligent building systems and offers comprehensive services for the development and establishment of Smart Buildings. MACROCOMM offers technical services from concept to commissioning for design, development, product support, customisation and installation of primary equipment, transducers, controllers and other electro-mechanical devices.

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