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In the year 2001, Macrocomm Convergence launched a series of Information Appliances specifically designed to overcome various shortcomings identified in the use of contemporary technologies associated with specific user groups. These devices brought forth State of the Art technologies delivering enhanced user experiences and have become standards that are offered in most of the digital lifestyle products available after the year 2010.

These devices were designed and manufactured for supply as original equipment to various international brand owners. They were built as generic platforms functioning as integrated workstations with enhanced capabilities of inter-operability between the computing platform, the communication platform and the entertainment platform with the following deployment options:

Offices & Commercial establishments : As a standalone device as well as a full function networked workstation with
office intranet platform.

Homes & Multi tenanted appartments : Dedicated IA Workstation with full functionality for communication, entertainment and
security management.

Educational Institutions : Class room Workstation with teacher authentication on Active intranet and
remote student acess.

A summary of features delivered in the Desk Top Console (DTC) is listed below for reference.

  • X-86 based full function computer with several enhanced features for single button operation and OS recovery through abstract booting sequence.
  • Two line integrated PSTN line with inbuilt codecs for Fax, Modem, text, image and voice transport capabilities.
  • Multi user registry with integrated programmable calendar for caller identification, message isolation and downstream function adaptation.
  • Smart card user interface for authentication, software access and global boundary management.
  • Versatile video capture and streaming capabilities for communication and entertainment platforms.
  • Complete inter-connectivity for device management and inter-operability with external device controllers.
  • Designated single button access for mails, calculator and authenticated service sub-routines.
  • Customised libraries and programmable functions for audio management system with external connectivity.
  • High capacity multiple read/write disc drive with safety harness designed for industrial grade endurance capabilities.
  • Monolithic console with ergonomic frame, angle adaptable integrated LCD screen, customised key pad and integrated telephone handset.
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