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Macrocomm Convergence is a pioneer in the field of multi-format convergence. The unique strength of Macrocomm Convergence lies in their ability to combine specialised resources from around the world and synthesise technologies to create solutions through devices that deliver an enhanced user experience in intelligent lifestyle applications. These capabilities have been refined through a decade of operation in various areas ranging from concept design to manufacturing coordination and market deployment. During this period a series of intelligent devices have been successfully developed covering the entire spectrum of digital lifestyle management.


With its headquarters in Singapore, Macrocomm Convergence has optimized the resourcing of specialised skills available throughout Asia for development of unique hardware devices and compatible software. Manufacturing of these devices has been undertaken through a collaborative working structure with OEM partners. Macrocomm Convergence has the ability to deliver versatile devices which form the core of the building blocks required for the creation of smart and intelligent building systems. The combination of innovative ideas and focused research enables Macrocomm Convergence to bring together the power of computing into everyday digital lifestyle management.

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