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i. Surveillance and Access Control


a. Video Monitoring System

    Networked IP cameras for continuous video surveillance with night vision capabilities.

b. Perimeter Control

      Motion sensors with automated response triggers.

c. Intrusion Alarm System

      Contact sensors with active couplers for doors and windows.

d. Access Control System

      Authenticated closed loop access devices with integrated security locks.

ii. Safety Management


a. Central Fire Safety Monitoring System

    Real time monitoring and response management integrated with installed fire protection system.

b. Automated Electrical Distribution Monitoring System

    Load assessment, balancing, fault detection and management through central controller.

c. Automated Emergency and Hazard Response System

    Pre-programmed response management system for Medical and Security Emergencies.

d. Isolated monitoring and feedback system

    Specific localised spot monitoring and remote supervision for child and elderly dependants.

Video monitoring

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